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  • The Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Institute (CTHI)
  • Canadian Tourism & Hospitality Institute is the only specialist in international tourism and hospitality education in the Philippines. Canadian Tourism College (CTC) is a private school that has been awarded multiple times for its Asian franchise. It was founded in British Columbia in 1980. The CTHI brand is a trusted source for highly-trained staff at […]

  • Dale Carnegie
  • Our corporate culture is driven by compassion and the desire to help others. It is based on the timeless knowledge Dale Carnegie instilled in us all about human nature. Dale Carnegie’s employees are dedicated to being a professional resource as well as adding value to the local business community. Dale Carnegie doesn’t expect you to […]

  • FoodSHAP
  • Food Safety & Hygiene Academy of the Philippines, FoodSHAP (r) is the Philippines’ first education institution to be at the forefront of Food Safety Qualification Program Development for Food Handlers. It has over 10,000 certificate holders around the world. We create internationally recognized certificate programs to food handlers that are channeled through approved course providers […]

  • ITCHI is committed to offering students a comprehensive experience that will equip them for their future careers. All students will receive personalized support from trainers and staff to ensure that they leave with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s competitive hospitality industry.

  • DDLS
  • DDLS is the leading provider of information and communications technology training in Australasia. We train your teams to ensure that whatever you are doing, it is done efficiently, securely and aligned with industry best-practice.