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FXTM was created because trading was too exciting for the few. We were traders ourselves and saw the potential of the web to bring opportunities to everyone who was willing to take a risk and learn. To help the world find opportunities, we set three guidelines. Trust. If there is the right licensing and regulation in place, anyone who chooses to trade with us will be able to do so with complete peace of mind. We promised to keep customer funds separate so that no one would lose their money if things go south. We pledged to be transparent, honest, and open. We promised transparency and honesty, with no hidden fees or secrets in our trading stats. Access. Everything should be possible. It should be possible to trade it if Warren Buffet can trade it. We offer free access to world-class, money-cannot-buy education because you cannot profit from what it isn't. Value. Our agreement was to keep trading costs as low as possible, and to partner with our customers in order to help them become profitable traders. After all, if you do well, we do well. Everything we do is still weighed against the "three mores". More trust, access and value. FXTM offers you more.
ForexTime Pros
Quick registration and verification
Lower/tight spreads
Flexible leverage can increase based on your experience and knowledge.
Orders executed quickly
This product is suitable for those who don't pay or accept interest
FXTM provides flexible leverage that will give you the competitive advantage you desire.
Flexible leverage gives you that competitive edge you are looking for
With our exchange traded funds and leveraged funds, you can trade gold
Regulated by many jurisdictions, even if they are not part of the EU
ForexTime Cons
CFD fees high
Inactivity and withdrawal fees
Limited product portfolio
Trades with standard lot of 30 standard lots have an extremely low maximum order size
ECN accounts cannot be used to add limit and stop levels after execution.
ECN accounts can only add stop and limit levels to an execution.
Margin limitations and leverage caps on ECN Accounts

What is gold trading?

Trading gold is the act of betting on the market price for gold in order to profit. This can be done via options, futures, spot prices, shares, or exchange-traded funds. Most often, physical gold coins or bars are not handled during a transaction. Instead, they are settled in cash.
You can trade gold for a variety of reasons, including pure speculation, buying and owning physical gold or to hedge against instability.
You don’t have to follow the old mantra of “buy low, sell high” when trading gold. Instead, you can be long or short on gold prices, taking advantage of both falling and rising markets. Whatever position you choose, gold trading is about predicting the direction that the market will go. You will make more profit if the market moves in your direction. If it moves against you, you will lose more.

Where can I buy and sell gold?

Futures on gold

Futures contracts are the best way to trade gold. A futures contract allows you to purchase or sell gold at a fixed price at a later date. Futures contracts can only be used to acquire physical commodities. However, futures contracts are also possible to be settled in cash.
Gold contracts can be traded on the OTC London Market, the US futures markets COMEX and Shanghai Gold Exchange. Online gold trading brokers can also help you trade futures gold.

Options for gold

You have the option to trade gold options. However, you are not required to do so. A call option allows you to purchase the metal while a put option grants you the ability to sell it. The underlying asset of most gold options is gold futures. The best gold trading brokers can help you trade options in gold.

How do I trade gold in the Philippines

You can find gold buying stations in various locations throughout the Philippines. You can currently sell your gold at the Gold Buying Stations located in Quezon City and Baguio. To be accepted for gold, it must be in disc form or bars and be free of mercury or amalgam. Online trading is possible with the best gold brokers in the Philippines.

How do I open a trading account for gold?

In just three steps, you can find your position:

  1. • Choose a gold market for trading. You can choose from one of the gold markets, or a variety of gold stocks or ETFs.
  2. • Create a trading plan. You will need to decide whether you want to trade gold long term or short term and how you plan to manage your risk.
  3. • Open a live account.

You can choose to buy or sell the market when you trade gold or gold-linked assets via CFDs. This is also known as going short or long. If you expect the asset’s value to rise within a certain time frame, you would buy it. If you think its price will fall, you should sell it.
It is important to conduct thorough research, both fundamental and technical, to understand the likely direction of the market.

Which broker is the best for trading gold in the Philippines?

Long-term investors often prefer physical gold ownership over gold receipts or gold mining stocks. Online gold trading brokers make it easier than ever to buy high-quality gold online and have it shipped home. There are occasionally reports of fake gold and counterfeit metal coins being sold online. This is why it is important to make sure you only buy from a reputable dealer.

These are the best online brokers for gold trading that allow you to trade in the Philippines:

  • • JustForex
  • • FP Markets
  • • IC Markets
  • • AvaTrade
  • • VT Markets
  • • OctaFX
  • • XM Group
  • • Vantage
  • • HotForex
  • • XTB Online Trading

Is it easy to trade gold?

Many people believe that gold is the most difficult market to trade. However, gold doesn’t move as other markets do. Investors must remember several things if they want to make it a profitable trading venture.
Make sure that your mining stock trading positions are small in size.
Pay attention to turning points and cycles – Many markets are cyclical.
Each indicator you wish to use on the gold markets should be evaluated for its efficiency.
Only use moving averages if they have worked in the past for a particular market.