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Best Stock Trading Platforms allowed to trade in the Philippines. Rating with real reviews

XTB has nearly 20 years of experience and is the world's largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD broker. There are offices in 13 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, France, Chile, and Poland. XTB is committed to providing the best trading experience for our clients. Our core values align with this vision. Technology is a key component of finance and investing. We are aware of this and we strive to improve our trading app in line with current trends and solutions. Our goal is to make xStation the best and most functional trading app on the market. Over 495,000 people around the globe have trusted us over the past two decades of financial market activity. We are regulated by the most important supervision authorities in the world: FCA, KNF and CySEC. This means that your investments will be safe. We offer clients free insurance from Lloyd's of London. This is one of the most respected providers of specialist insurance in the world, with coverage of up 1 million Euros, GBPs, and AUD depending on where they are located. All XTB clients are automatically covered by the insurance. There is no registration required.
XTB Online Trading Pros
It is simple and fast to open an account
Quick and easy withdrawals
Some ETFs/stocks/ETFs offer low forex CFD fees, while others are commission-free.
XTB Online Trading Cons
Inactivity fee charged
We only have some basic data
CFDs limit product portfolio
FXTM was created because trading was too exciting for the few. We were traders ourselves and saw the potential of the web to bring opportunities to everyone who was willing to take a risk and learn. To help the world find opportunities, we set three guidelines. Trust. If there is the right licensing and regulation in place, anyone who chooses to trade with us will be able to do so with complete peace of mind. We promised to keep customer funds separate so that no one would lose their money if things go south. We pledged to be transparent, honest, and open. We promised transparency and honesty, with no hidden fees or secrets in our trading stats. Access. Everything should be possible. It should be possible to trade it if Warren Buffet can trade it. We offer free access to world-class, money-cannot-buy education because you cannot profit from what it isn't. Value. Our agreement was to keep trading costs as low as possible, and to partner with our customers in order to help them become profitable traders. After all, if you do well, we do well. Everything we do is still weighed against the "three mores". More trust, access and value. FXTM offers you more.
ForexTime Pros
Quick registration and verification
Lower/tight spreads
Flexible leverage can increase based on your experience and knowledge.
Orders executed quickly
This product is suitable for those who don't pay or accept interest
FXTM provides flexible leverage that will give you the competitive advantage you desire.
Flexible leverage gives you that competitive edge you are looking for
With our exchange traded funds and leveraged funds, you can trade gold
Regulated by many jurisdictions, even if they are not part of the EU
ForexTime Cons
CFD fees high
Inactivity and withdrawal fees
Limited product portfolio
Trades with standard lot of 30 standard lots have an extremely low maximum order size
ECN accounts cannot be used to add limit and stop levels after execution.
ECN accounts can only add stop and limit levels to an execution.
Margin limitations and leverage caps on ECN Accounts


Before you begin trading, you should answer the question “What goal is the person pursuing?” A beginner will want to be able to work on his own and make a profit. The exchange will provide this option. You can trade through intermediaries if you prefer.

Keep in mind, however, that different sites may have different information. This selection should also be considered.

Stock Brokers Quality and Usability

Some platforms have poor speed and performance. This causes delays in the graphical display and timeframes of transactions. It can cause traders to get mad. But intraday traders might not be aware of it.

Stock Broker Regulations & Trust

This market has become awash with scammers due to the increasing popularity of Stock Trading Platforms (Philippine) and the growth of Internet technology. Scammers set up fly-by nights companies to steal money. These companies lack regulators, partners and a brokerage license. These platforms can promise instant profits and mountains in gold. However, gullible individuals lose all their money.

You should therefore choose the best Stock Trading Platform Philippines owned by big-name firms that have licensed and provide good regulatory support.

Online Security and Account Protect

You can be sure that transactions are secure and your confidentiality will not be compromised by the platform. However, this depends on the stockbroker you choose.

Brokerage Account Offerings

Pay attention the daily trading volume. An exchange’s popularity is indicated by its high turnover. A higher trading volume means that you have more chances of earning money from trading here.

Broker account fees

Paid software offered by most brokers ensures that the exchange has legitimate data in real time and is reliable. One mistake on the self-made platform could mean that the trader may lose much more money than the quality subscription fee.

Noting that the broker is charged a commission, it is important to note. Depending on volume and other indicators, commissions can vary between brokers. They may range from $0.3 up to $3 per lot.

Brokers may not charge a commission to trader. Or Stock Trading Platform with an additional bonus. These cases are not only worth looking at, but also the free software. It is also worth wondering about any hidden fees that this company may be entitled to.

Commissions for trading

OTC trading (where the data often doesn’t come from any market at all, but is generated internally) is an important aspect of OTC trading. Market date (data regarding buying or selling an instrument): The broker who provides the data through the exchange will always pay. You should consider asking for a free trading platform (and correspondingly, a free date) if they offer you a trading terminal. A broker who gives this software away for free will most likely make some hidden fees.

Customer Service

It is likely that the free software you use will be of equal quality to the paid version. Traders will experience many problems, such as inability or impossibility of sending orders, “freezes” that are constant on the platform, and even complete inoperability. As we said, the request can be sent to the exchange via the server hosted by the company that offers the platform. This is where the problem lies. Traders cannot control their trades and are often victims of unscrupulous firms. Be careful when choosing.

Look for reviews online

You can read the reviews about Indian trading platforms. Every website will tell you only the best about themselves. You can only learn the truth from someone who is an independent observer and has worked with Stock Trading Platforms that are regulated in the Philippines.

Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Both deposit and withdrawal of funds is crucial. Know in advance how you can deposit and withdraw money, in what currency, and with what payment system.

What stock trading platforms in the Philippines can I use?

Philippines is home of many stock trading platforms. We’ll give you a brief list of the most acclaimed and best-rated Stock Trading Platforms.

Stock Trading Platforms of Note

FP Markets
IC Markets
XTB Online Trading
XM Group

How much capital do you need in order to invest?

It doesn’t cost millions to invest in stock market. The best Stock Trading Platform for Beginners in the Philippines is $10. The best part is that the more you invest the more you earn.

Can I buy stocks with out a broker?

Trades can be done without the assistance of a broker. The only thing you need is a brokerage account.