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Ahrefs, a software company, develops online SEO tools for marketers and offers free educational materials.

We are a multinational startup with a Singapore headquarters that values creating meaningful, easy-to-use products. To give our customers the most important things and keep us in the game, we move things quickly. Our motto is “First do it. Then do it right. Then do it better.”

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SEO Training Course: Learn How to Get Organic Traffic From Search
Course description: No matter how little you know about SEO, it doesn't matter. This free SEO training course will teach you the basics of SEO. You'll be able to use keyword research, on page SEO, and link building to get higher rankings in search engines.
Course type: Online
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2 hours
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Type of training: Online
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Price: Free
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Last reviews for "Ahrefs"
  • Boris

    The customer service team was absolutely useless. It was the exact same thing over and over again. When I tried to contact the support email, it took me to the exact same person who refused help. Ahrefs has been a great tool for me in previous positions. This is the last position I recommend them for. Since I don't think they will fix this, I am certain that we will cancel this account and move to a different tool.

  • Shon

    This SEO tool is not recommended. Their marketing approach is still shocking me, I must admit. Their results in French are inaccurate. Semrush provides better information and is more reliable. (KD on Ahref is not always good). This company requires you to sign a monthly contract, which I find expensive. You can then rely on the company and complete every report to see results. My experience is that you will receive a bill without warning for additional fees. This is because you exceeded your monthly report limit. It's written in the terms and conditions. This would be acceptable, however, if we were sent an email stating that you had exceeded your monthly report limit, but this is not the case. I think I could have been charged thousands of dollars and not know how it was spent. Customer service was able to resolve the problem and told me to pay. They agreed to cancel my payment method and I was granted my request.

  • Nensy

    Ahrefs is my favorite tool for SEO. It has a large database that allows me to perform in-depth research and analysis. Ahrefs has many great features. Ahrefs has many great features, including backlinks gap, which gives me a quick report showing the gap between my website's backlinks and the competitor's. Ahrefs also offers phrase match, which will show you more similar keywords to your search. Ahrefs has been around for 4 years.

  • Katty

    There's not much to dislike. There are some missing features that should be added as soon as possible. The Local SEO tool is one of these features. Online businesses are not the only ones that exist. Ahrefs doesn't provide data to help you see the competition and where to go to increase footfall for your local business. It doesn't allow you to see trends for specific keywords in a given country. Ahrefs does not have these features.

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