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Our goal is to make our clients successful and to expand the financial services industry in all countries where we operate. We are constantly innovating new products and keeping the services we provide as relevant as possible. Sponsorship programs have been an integral part our work for the past 20 years. We have worked with many sports teams around the globe. We reached the North Pole in 2018, planted the Alpari flag there, and set 2 world records. We have many more plans for the future. In 2005, the Alpari Charitable Fund began to be established. The charity has supported more than 37,000 people over the past 15 years. The fund has hosted more than 750 fundraisers and paid for more than 1,200 children’s medical care. It also provided humanitarian support to more than 18,000 families. There are more than 10 ongoing programs that the fund has in place to help it focus its efforts and accomplish more. The Alpari Charitable Fund currently has over 100 volunteers.

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Last reviews for "Alpari"
  • Thomas

    Highly Recommended. Amazing company and an amazingly free Autocharist even with no Login

  • Mike Greenberg

    Recommendation -- Excellent company, amazingly free Autocharist even if you don't log in!

  • Janeta

    Spreads are amazing, but Persian support is weak

  • Mike

    So far so good. They have been my trading platform for over a year. The spread and price feeds on the ECN account have been great. They offer trading conditions that are attractive and low-cost commissions. They don't allow paypal, debit card deposit/withdrawals or paypal so they are limited to bank transfer or BTC. Although the regulations are not ideal, I do see that they pay insurance to protect investors so that we can be protected up 20k EUR in the event of an insolvent company, as they did with CHF black Swan in 2015. I would give them 5 stars if they added more payment options and had better regulation.

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