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British Council

Through arts, culture, society development and education, we build trust and connections between Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

Our work is done in two ways. We work directly with people to improve their lives and we work with governments and partners to make a greater impact for the long-term, creating benefits for millions of people around the globe.

We offer educational opportunities to Ukrainians in English, for professional and personal development, and we administer exams and tests from the UK.

More than 420,000 people participated in our activities or programmes in 2019, with an additional 3,400,000 using our digital services. This includes English language resources, and more than 13,000,000 using our publications and broadcast products.

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English for the Workplace
Course description: If you want to succeed in today's globalized economy, English is essential. This free course was created with your work life in mind. This course is free and suitable for those who want to learn English or improve their English language skills in order to get a better job. This course is suitable for professionals in their early stages of careers who wish to improve their English language skills.
Course type: Online
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Type of training: Online
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Price: Free
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Last reviews for "British Council"
  • Bengur

    The exam conditions do not respect the work hours you have put in. I was interrupted by an invigilator who asked me for my answer immediately in order to modify my speaking time.

  • Nina

    You can use the material to pass IELTS exams. The sample question papers are excellent. I found them very helpful in preparing myself for the exam, especially the oral.

  • Teddy

    Unfortunately, this description is false. I was unable to see that my scores fluctuated during years of study. You will be asked to fill out a test. They will know your purpose, which is your desired level. It is also easy for them to write down your results. ).

  • Adam

    Terrible service! Many teachers come from countries that are not native English speakers. All of the best teachers have already been booked for weeks and even months.

  • Dane

    Two days prior, they changed my exam date. They didn't care when I called to say I couldn't attend because I had a doctor appointment two months ahead. I wouldn't recommend it.

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