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From the first contact, to ongoing support and reinforcement of key behaviors, the Dale Carnegie experience engages learners. Our method supports the development and maintenance of performance-enhancing skills and habits. We believe the emotional shift is just as important as the behavioral shift. Our Performance Change Pathway(tm), which outlines our deliberate approach to creating training programs that improve performance, is a good example of this.

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Compelling Sales Presentations
Course description: This 3-hour Live online workshop is a must for any sales professional who wants to increase close rates through more effective presentations. Work with a Dale Carnegie expert coach to discover the most powerful presentation format, and understand how to frame your ideas in the most interesting and valuable way.
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3 hrs
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Type of training: Online
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Price: $ 385
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Last reviews for "Dale Carnegie trainings"
  • John

    Dale Carnegie is much more than an inspirational seminar. Because the course is taught over several weeks, it allows the participant to have meaningful experiences throughout the week that he/she can then share with the class.

  • Bishop

    It was not theoretical or hypothetical training. You could see the benefits immediately and apply the principles to your own life. This class will help you overcome the challenges you face "today".

  • Mais

    To be able to understand the people and situations that I am in every day. Dale Carnegie training taught me many things that are unique. These include speaking in front of groups, sharing your knowledge with others, and thinking about the lives of people outside of your interactions.

  • Gim

    Dale Carnegie made it easier to give formal presentations in large groups. They can help you understand how to communicate clearly and effectively with impact.

  • Fahat

    It was for sales training. The effectiveness of the program depended on your sales role if it made sense.

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