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Guthrie Jensen

Guthrie-Jensen Consultants is the preferred partner for over 15,000 companies for almost 40 years. Many of these companies belong to the Global 500 and the top 1,000 corporations.

Guthrie-Jensen began with two training programs in 1979. Today, the company offers more than 120 top-rated programs and other human resource solutions to help professionals and organizations realize their full potential.

Guthrie-Jensen remains the most prominent Management Training and Consultancy company in the Philippines and the largest in Southeast Asia.

Guthrie-Jensen is celebrating 40 years of leadership. It is committed to delivering programs that are reliable and responsive as well as results-oriented.

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Proactive Sales Leadership: Sales Management Training
Course description: Sales manager. Territory Manager. Vice President for Sales. Whichever title they are referred to, these leaders are responsible for one thing: the sales performance of their teams. That is why they must be equipped with the complete tools to deliver results. On one hand, they need to lead and manage their SALESPEOPLE. On the other hand, managers need to be on top of the entire SALES PROCESS. Get fully equipped with Guthrie-Jensen’s training program, Proactive Sales Leadership: Growing Sales through People and Pipeline Management. It’s an updated approach to an important, top-rated program — because you deserve only the best.
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Last reviews for "Guthrie Jensen"
  • Flora

    It was a great training. I was able to attend the 2-day training on Exceptional Client Care. Our trainer was Ms. Rozette Li. The lessons I learned are extremely useful in my daily interactions with clients. Overall, it was an amazing experience to train with Guthrie-Jensen Consultants. Highly recommended!

  • Dustin

    Half-day training: Unlimited snacks and drinks. Excellent trainer. Many learning opportunities!

  • Jed

    Today, a courier delivered my certificate of achievement after I completed the "Exceptional Client Care” course. To test whether they would send it to me without asking, I deliberately left my folder in my training folder. Your credibility is evident in the way you guys live your words. You made my Monday! Thank you Guthrie Jensen!

  • James

    This course is not well-structured. Although the trainer was friendly and warm, it felt like we were just reading through slides. Evidently, the trainer did not have any experience. Although the course makes it seem like the trainers are practitioners, this is not true. The course could have been more interactive and provided deeper insights into the techniques and their application.

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