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Welcome to OEd OEd was formerly known under the AMA University Online Education name. It is the first school in the Philippines to offer online courses. Besides offering short courses, bachelor’s degrees programs and continuous learning, such as master’s or doctorate degrees, OEd also offers continuing education. Online academic programs are perfect for call center agents and other professionals who wish to return to college. Online courses are ideal for anyone who wants to advance in their career by improving their skills and knowledge.
Our online school has the advantage of allowing you to study anywhere with an internet connection, including at your house, coffee shop, or any other location.
Moreover, you can learn from top professors at OEd and industry lecturers, who are entrepreneurs, scientists, and experts in their fields. You can ask them questions and they will share their knowledge through our forums.

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Course description: This course will teach students the principles and skills of 3D animation. These skills can be used professionally to create a world that is beautiful.
Course type: Online
Availability of a certificate:
Number of lessons:
Course duration:
8 hours
Frequency of visiting classes:
Type of training: Online
Course broadcast type:
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Graduation project:
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Last reviews for "Online Education (OEd)"
  • Saimon

    Unresponsive! I have tried to contact my OED Buddy and submitted tickets through the portal to address my concerns regarding enrollment. However, no one has responded and it's been several weeks. The school cannot even approve my subjects for next semester. My only concern was that they would not approve them.

  • Wilfred

    Poor student relations and inefficient communication teams.

  • Uter

    It really helped me achieve my goal of finishing my studies at my own pace, as I have seen it myself.

  • Henrich

    This is absurd. You should be careful about what personal information they share with you.

  • Dasha

    The school doesn't care at all about its students, especially former graduate students.

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