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Queen’s University

Queen’s University has a high ranking in Canada for student experiences. It takes an inclusive approach to learning and offers learning beyond the classroom. This experience includes the largest number of clubs per capita among Canadian universities, as well as a strong international exchange program that has more than 220 partners.

Queen’s research-intensive environment, interdisciplinary programs and student support provide the students with the skills needed to compete in today’s evolving workforce. 91% Queen’s graduates are employed within six months of graduation.

A Queen’s education is characterized by outstanding reputations of its scholars, researchers — including the 2015 Nobel Prize Winner Arthur B. McDonald – and can offer unparalleled access to career opportunities and personal development opportunities all over the globe. The university has particular strengths in Physics, cancer research and geo-engineering. It also offers a wide range of social sciences such as surveillance studies and mental healthcare. This sets the university apart from other universities.

Queen’s University is home to over 24,000 students. It boasts a 93% undergraduate graduation rate, many learning opportunities, unmistakable school spirit and a close-knit global network 159,000 alumni from 153 countries. Queen’s University graduates are part of an international community that is both lifelong learners and leaders.

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English for Beginners
Course description: English For Beginners offers a 6-module free online ESL course. It will help you improve your English skills through some fun activities. You will be issued a digital certificate upon completion of the course. This course contains: English grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and speaking are all covered through various tools and activities that can be found in the theme-based modules. Drop-in sessions with native English speakers are free every week!
Course type: Online
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6 weeks
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Type of training: Online
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Price: Free
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Last reviews for "Queen’s University"
  • Linda

    Each module is taught to the highest standard, and you have access to lots of support if necessary. Access to a tutor, career guidance and math tutors are available. You will find the modules very enjoyable, especially if you are interested in tech! There are many interesting talks. The uni also hosts many clubs that promote socialization and allow students to be more involved in their interests. This is a great way for students to get together with like-minded people.

  • Diana

    I have been greatly helped by the university. They made me stand out in both the theoretical and practical aspects of my project.

  • Raly

    My course is small so you can build a rapport with your teachers. My teachers could have been more effective at teaching.

  • Jane

    I'm currently enrolled in two courses. The curriculum is great. I am extremely satisfied. The consultant was right. The courses are highly recommended by me.

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