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Saad Allah Management Training & Consultancy Group was established in UAE to accomplish one goal. To discover and build talents and to create a learning environment that encourages learning.

Saad Allah Group is here to meet the needs of all participants, who want to improve their abilities and keep up with society’s constant progress and change.

The Saad Allah Group’s development program uses the best training and consulting techniques. Only the most qualified trainers and facilitators are employed to build and develop top talent.

Saad Allah Group has provided training courses and other development projects to many government and private agencies in various sectors. This allows them to meet diverse training needs.

Saad Allah Group holds firm belief in the importance and value of developing human resources. To be in compliance with international standards, it has established the solid objective to research and implement new methods and ideas in training and development.

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Professional Certified HR Manager
Course description: The main objectives of this course are to provide participants with the skills and tools to: Use a strategic model to build Human Resources strategy, and know where strategy fits into corporate business Be able to transform strategic requirements into Human Resources objectives using the Human Resources model Be able to create Human Resources strategic action plans to achieve business objectives Be able to provide innovative predictive information Have practiced business information interviews and presenting results See the big picture for the future of employment and performance through people Build your professional confidence Build and produce high level management information Identify the context for change - the economic and social changes that are driving employment change Identify current employment practices and establish an agenda for change Look at international developments in employment practices Establish a series of best practices covering such issues as Leadership and Management Style, Recruitment and Retention, Performance Management, Work Organization, Equal Opportunities, Industrial Democracy, Employee Relations and Communications, Consultation and Involvement
Course type: Online
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4 Days
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Type of training: Online
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What will I get from this course? :
Participants will gain an understanding of professional HR management styles, techniques, practices, and ethics. They will receive useful resources, engage in practical experience scenarios, and receive personal coaching and guidance that will give them the confidence and knowledge to be professional HR managers. Our Professional PCHRM course is recognized and certified by SMTC in Dubai and OTC in UK
Price: PHP 28,503
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  • John

    Alsaadallah Training Solutions is a great choice for anyone who needs to improve their personal and professional skills.

  • Tolsak

    The course material is not bad but the lack of tracking and obvious lag regarding the “free” courses is infuriating. On multiple occasions I have completed the course modules and pass the assessment then receive a notification on my dashboard that I am fifty percent complete. My internet access is fiber optic and lightning fast so, I’m pretty sure it’s not on my end.

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