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Is traditional education going away? It is unlikely, but students shouldn’t have to pay extra to go to school or university colleges that require them to take classes not related to their goals. The “for-profit college” is a common topic. Many of these colleges offer more flexibility and a quicker path to graduation than other colleges. This is unfortunately balanced with problems such as high tuition rates, questionable accreditation, and lack regulation. For-profit institutions are becoming less attractive to students who desire quality. E learning is the best option for many students. To provide tailored and professional services, we have been verified by the UK Register of Learning Providers.

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Course description: Individuals will gain an in-depth understanding of the requirements to become a Python Web Developer with Flask. This course will provide a solid foundation for learners to understand where to begin and the best path to becoming a Python back-end web developer. Individuals with basic programming knowledge will find the course useful. Learners will be introduced to advanced back-end concepts through the Python Web Development with Flask course. Learners will then be able to understand advanced concepts and basics of the front-end. This course guides learners through the process of developing their knowledge about web applications. The course covers key topics such as Python basics, Flask introduction, MySQL use, and SQL database exploration. The Python Web Development course with Flask is a simple and straightforward course. This course covers the basics, and then moves on to more advanced topics. The course is suitable for beginners and intermediate level learners.
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365 DAYS
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Type of training: Online
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Price: £29.00
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  • Diana

    Very quick response and a solution to my small problem. You get exactly what you need!

  • Dave

    My experience was great, even though I was ill with covid. I was unable to finish the course in time so I was granted a 30 day extension. It was a wonderful way to learn and gain a qualification at home.

  • Legodile

    The course content was rich and easy-to-understand. Study 365 makes me very happy.

  • Javier

    This is not an inexpensive course. On many levels, the course was not well-presented.

  • Lu

    I just wanted to thank you for your technical assistance in solving my problem with Study 365. After trying many times to find the solution, Issac was much more helpful than I expected.

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