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Trading From Zero

Trading From Zero is a combination of theoretical and practical training. TDC aims to provide the best theoretical training in order to equip students with the knowledge that will allow them to deal with financial markets. We have selected professional traders in our ranks who will demonstrate how they use our teachings on their real accounts.
Our team must be up-to-date in terms of both operational and knowledge.
Trading From Zero, an online school, teaches you how to understand the financial markets and make decisions on your own.
The training combines recorded lessons with lessons that are delivered in real-time. The student has access to the information even if they are unable to attend live classes.
This method is enhanced by the amazing support teachers and traders offer their students via e-mail, telephone and personalized sessions, if desired.

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Course description: This program aims to show students what professional traders do every day. We will therefore share our market vision with you, how it is interpreted, and how we operate the markets. So that students can follow our example, we will give you our strategies: Intraday, swing, and macroeconomic events strategies. We will also teach you the key concepts of risk management and monetary management, which have helped us achieve success rates above 85% with our intraday strategy, and more than 90% with our positioning strategy.
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Price: 1195€
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  • Felix

    Excellent course. It was an excellent course that I enjoyed. I think customer service could be improved. Very slow response. The rest of the experience is excellent! Thank you.

  • Hend

    It is a great platform, and provides a detailed course. It is an excellent platform that allows you learn at your own pace.

  • Sophia

    This is the best provider for courses I've ever encountered in my entire life. It is extremely accurate. Everybody who is interested in learning should be 100% responsible.

  • Ted

    This is a training provider I would recommend. It will help you profit from all the markets. Your support is invaluable in making trade safer.

  • Lara

    Poor customer support. They don't consider losing trades. Their website has been unavailable for several weeks.

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