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XM Group

XM currently has more than 600 employees with extensive experience in the financial sector. XM is the broker of choice for traders at all levels and in every language. As a large broker, we have the experience and resources to help everyone realize their investment goals. Because we believe in human interaction and face-to-face communication, our management has traveled to over 120 cities to meet with clients and partners. To help traders make better trading decisions, we have held hundreds of seminars all over the globe. Traders have embraced XM over the years for our outstanding customer service and refreshing approach. XM has a high rate of client retention.

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Last reviews for "XM Group"
  • Mikesxz

    The support was informative, efficient and straight to the point. The information was very clear. Keep up the great work.

  • popqwe

    Excellent customer service. I was able to resolve my issue via live chat. Alex was very helpful

  • Giridhar R

    Amazing customer service through live chat. It resolved my problem immediately. Alex was very helpful

  • Devika

    Great customer service via live chat. My issue was resolved immediately. Alex was extremely helpful

  • saacs

    Since almost six months, there has never been a problem from the broker's side. Clear solutions can be found for most client problems.

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