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XTB Online Trading

XTB has nearly 20 years of experience and is the world’s largest stock exchange-listed FX & CFD broker. There are offices in 13 countries, including the UK, France, Germany, France, Chile, and Poland. XTB is committed to providing the best trading experience for our clients. Our core values align with this vision. Technology is a key component of finance and investing. We are aware of this and we strive to improve our trading app in line with current trends and solutions. Our goal is to make xStation the best and most functional trading app on the market. Over 495,000 people around the globe have trusted us over the past two decades of financial market activity. We are regulated by the most important supervision authorities in the world: FCA, KNF and CySEC. This means that your investments will be safe. We offer clients free insurance from Lloyd’s of London. This is one of the most respected providers of specialist insurance in the world, with coverage of up 1 million Euros, GBPs, and AUD depending on where they are located. All XTB clients are automatically covered by the insurance. There is no registration required.

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Last reviews for "XTB Online Trading"
  • Klizmaz

    This broker is by far the best. Use it often.

  • adasacca

    This broker is the best I've ever used. Keep using it.

  • Mike112

    They send you a confirmation email and inform you that your account has been approved. After accepting a deposit, they say the address verification needs to be redone and refuse any documents I send. This is Thailand. Documents are only in Thai! They respond to our questions by asking more questions and pretending not to understand. This is just like Banks. I'm going to take my money back, hoping they don't make any more excuses and get away from online trading.

  • Mikes

    XTB (International), while I believe it to be among the top five in Europe, is not focused on international customers. XTB (International), does not offer any advantages for customers outside of Europe. For example, there are very few currencies and withdrawal options. I think that adding a debit card withdrawal function would make it easier for service providers to charge no fees. International customers cannot check their debit/credit cards. Please fix my comment if you have read it.

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